On 11/4-11/5 VCPG worked with the City of Ventura to host a Bowl of Thanks at our first Ventura Pottery Market.

Our members were very generous and contributed over 350 handmade bowls to the event. Customers purchase the bowls and receive a ticket to go to local restaurants and get a sample of the food in their bowl.

All the monies raised by our Bowl of Thanks were donated to the Downtown Ventura Family Reconnections. Kevin Clerici who runs the charity wrote to us:

“The Bowl of Thanks event was incredible. I am so grateful to each of you for your help. And the timing couldn’t have been better. With the rain and cold weather the last two days, we did 2 successful reconnections since Monday. We sent a woman to her family in San Bernardino, and this morning we helped a guy get back to Newport Beach. He was cold and hungry and wet. And we got him fed and back with his sister by sundown.”