Clay Challenge

The Clay Challenge is an opportunity for members to explore new ideas. We assign a theme and challenge members to create something. It is not a competition, but an excuse to make something new and show it at the “reveal” meeting. These challenges are intended to be fun, spark your imagination, generate conversation and encourage you to investigate new techniques. If you have already explored the topic, we’d love to see your best work! Check the newsletter and MemberConnect for more information.

Current Clay Challenge: Sgraffito.
Reveal meeting: December 2022

Sgraffito literally translates to “scratched”. For some inspiration, do a Google Image search for “Mata Ortiz” for Mexican sgraffito pottery, and just “sgraffito” for examples from many, many fine contemporary potters. After you follow the links deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole, surely you’ll come away excited to work in this versatile but simple technique. For sgraffito, you apply a contrasting layer over your primary form and scratch through it. You can use a variety of scratching tools, and your top layer can be a slip of a contrasting color clay, clay colored with stains, engobe, underglaze, stains, or anything else you can come up with. Have some fun!