The Jurying Process

The goal of the jurying process, as outlined in our Bylaws, is to assure that all work sold or shown at a VCPG event is held to the same standard of craftsmanship and aesthetic merit established by our founders. For a member to become eligible to sell, show or exhibit at a VCPG event, they must successfully complete the two-part jurying process. Juries are held twice a year in the Spring and Fall.

Pre-Jury Workshop:

The workshop is a critique to give both new and experienced potters feedback from potters who understand craftsmanship, aesthetics and personal style – and can clearly talk about these things. In the workshop you will sit down with three Jurors (separately) at a table and they will pick up your pieces looking at your craftsmanship, aesthetics and personal identity and review the strengths and shortcomings with you. Pre-Jury Workshops are held in February and September and the location and time are announced in the Newsletter. To participate in the Pre-Jury Workshop, you must submit an application for the Pre-Jury Workshop no later than 9/7 or 2/7. If you are unable to complete the electronic form below, contact the Jury Chairperson through the Contact Form.

Final Jurying:

The final jurying takes place in April and November. The Jurors will examine your pieces and score your work again, based upon the same three criteria: Craftsmanship, Aesthetics and Personal Identity.

Use the link to the guidelines, application and contact form to fully understand the process or contact the Jury Chairperson with questions.

Jurying Guidelines for Members 21.07
Jury Registration
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