Membership in the Ventura County Potters’ Guild is open to all.  Our annual dues, payable by December 31st for the following year, are $30/single, $40/couple and $20/student.

Membership Benefits

Newsletters – 8 newsletters published in January – May and September – November.

Monthly Programs – VCPG-sponsored programs at members’ meetings.

Shows & Sales – Opportunities for juried members to sell their work:
Ventura Pottery Gallery
VCPG Online Store
• Ventura Potters’ Guild Ojai Sale – (annual sale)

Directory – VCPG Members’ Directory of current members, published annually.

Sponsored Workshops – Members and guest artists conduct workshops available at a discount to current members.

Photo Box – Take professional photos of your work with the Guild’s photo box.

Clay and supplies – Order clay and supplies as a group from Laguna and Aardvark for discounted pricing and delivery to Ventura.

Online Portfolio – Create a profile and portfolio of your work at our website.

Member Connect – Connect to other members of the guild via an email information exchange.

VCPG Library – Access to books and DVDs contained in the VCPG library.  View a list of available media and refer to Members Area below for check out procedures.

How to Join

To join, download this form and mail it to the address in the form.

Contact for more information


The Jurying Process

The goal of the jurying process, as outlined in our Bylaws, is to assure that all work sold or shown at a VCPG event is held to the same standard of craftsmanship and aesthetic merit established by our founders. For a member to become eligible to sell, show or exhibit at a VCPG event, he or she must successfully complete the two-part jurying process. Juries are held twice a year in the Spring and Fall.

Pre-Jury Workshop:
The goal of the Pre-Jury Workshop is to meet one-on-one with two master potters, who will carefully review how Craftsmanship, Aesthetics and Personal Identity apply to your work. Jurors will comment on the things you are doing well and make suggestions for improvement. Your work will be scored based upon the three criteria. Pre-Jury Workshops are held in February and September and the location and time are announced in the Newsletter. To participate in the Pre-Jury Workshop, you must submit an application for the Pre-Jury Workshop in August or January.

Final Jurying:
The final jurying takes place in April and November. The jurors will examine your pieces and score your work again, based upon the same three criteria: Craftsmanship, Aesthetics and Personal Identity.

Use the link to the guidelines and application to fully understand the process or contact the Jury Chairperson via the contact form for more information or questions.

Jurying Guidelines for Members 21.01
Jury Registration

Contact for more information

Members’ Portfolios

A new feature of the website allows our members to post a gallery of their work, as well as profiles (without a gallery). To view those who have set up their profiles, visit the Members page. You can click through to the portfolios from there, but for a more visual experience and better idea of the work represented by our varied membership, go straight to the Portfolio page.

The Photo Box

The Guild purchased a photo box in 2020 for the members to use. We have it set it up at the membership meetings, ready for you to capture stunning images on your cell phone or camera. In addition, it is available for Gallery members (by appointment) to be used at the Gallery. Ideally, you can set up a time to use it before or after your shift so you don’t have to make a special trip.

Terry Wilson gave a program in February on Photographing Your Pottery. Erika Posey introduced the program with information about the photo box. You can see video of the entire program on the Learning page.

Use the contact form to request a time slot to use the box, either at a general meeting, or at the gallery.

The following areas are for VCPG members only. When you are logged in with your username, you will be able to access member-only content, and accordingly, board members will see board content and gallery members will see gallery content.

Library Check Out Form

How to Check Out Items