Member Portfolios

VCPG members are invited to create a portfolio and artist statement, including links or information about online sales.

Create Your Portfolio

If you are a member and would like to post your work online, please log in and proceed from your account page. It’s very important that you read these guides first: Portfolio Tutorial & Shoot to get square thumbnails

Photograph Your Work

Need help with photography? Check out the Guild’s Photo Box program on the Membership page! Read this quick guide on how to shoot your images so they can be cropped square: Photo Guide.pdf

Bethany Anderson

Dia Wolfe

Genie Thomsen

Stacy Rowe

Melody Evans

Bill Evans

Patti Hallowes

Marion Toms

Troy Schmidt

Sue Cline

Sandy Calles

Joanna Webb

Phoenix Nest Pottery

Brenda Burgess

Katja Gabriel

Sonja Gary

Wanda Ferrin

Ruty Levy

Erika Posey


Ellen Wohlstadter

Terry Wilson


Wyn Matthews