To change your email address, you do this yourself for the website and email communications. (For membership records, please contact the membership chair via the Contact form.) All of these operations are user-manageable, and in fact for security reasons the administrator cannot change email addresses. You must do it yourself. Here’s how:

Changing your email:

Website: Log in and using the menu by your name at the top of the screen, go to Edit Profile. Here you can change your email, your name, password and some other things. NOTE: We don’t use the emails at the website for anything, but if you forget your password and need to use the password reminder, then your email must be current. This is how we reach you via Announcements for the newsletter and official Guild business. The popular and useful Chat list lives here too. Log in, go to Account, and you can change your email. You may also get to your account by clicking “Your Subscription” found at the bottom of EVERY email that comes from

Removing your email:
Want to exclude yourself from our communications? There are two options.

1. You want to read the emails (Announcements, Chat) online; you just don’t want to get them in your mailbox.
Log into and look for Your Groups at the top left. Click Announcements, then Subscriptions in the sidebar. Now click on No Email. Do the same for Chat and any other lists you are on. While there, note that you simply click Messages in the sidebar to read the messages. You may also get to this screen by clicking “Your Subscription” found at the bottom of EVERY email that comes from

2. You want a divorce.
Pull up any email from Announcements and look at the bottom of the email. You’ll find a link for “Unsubscribe”. Click that and you’ll be removed from further communications.