Ventura County Arts Council Visual Arts Committee

invites your submissions for


Atrium Gallery, Ventura County Government Center

Exhibit dates: Friday, August 23th to Tuesday, October 8th 2019

For more information go to:

Aug. 30 - Sept. 2nd Sale & Chili Cookoff • Firestick Pottery

Interested in selling? No charge to join, 30% commission

Contribution of a big pot of chili will be greatly appreciate.

10 am til 6 pm daily

Chili Cook off and Live Music on Saturday

For more information call Robin 895-272-8760.


September 28 - ArtWalk 2019 -

Registration deadline is posted on their website at August 14!

The ArtWalk organizing team has offered the VCPG the opportunity to use the back courtyard at Bell Arts. That area would be exclusive to VCPG! This year's ArtWalk is being organized by Bell Arts, so there will be a lot of activities going on at that location.

. Sept. 15th - Jan. 15th - Gallery at the Pacific View Mall

The Mall has approached the VCPG to see our interest in doing a pop up gallery for the holidays. We've have taken a look at a couple of spaces which have potential to be very attractive venues. The dates of the pop up gallery would likely be from October 15th through January 15th. The size of the spaces available for individual artists would likely be similar to, or larger than, the spaces at the VCPG Gallery at the Harbor.

Specifics such as booth fees and commission rates have yet to be determined as it would depend on the number of participating artists, as would the number of shifts each artist would need to cover during the three month term. While we understand that these unknowns might influence your final decision, at this time we'd like to determine the level of interest in participation among juried members.

If you would potentially be interested in selling your work at the pop up gallery at the Pacific Mall or at ArtWalk, please take a minute to complete a very short survey at the following link by August 7st.

November 10th - Seaside Pottery Festival Holiday Sale

Seaside Pottery Festival Holiday Sale • Sunday, 11/10/19

Outside VCPG Gallery.

There will be booths and demonstrations throughout the day. It is

Veterans weekend and the Harbor gets visitors from all over the


Please contact Cecile Faulconer [email protected] 805.985.5038 if you intend to participate or have questions.

If there is not enough interest in advance we won't have a holiday

sale again this year.