Visit the Guild’s Online Store

COVID-19 prompted the Guild to take the leap into online sales and in response to requests from out-of-town buyers.

Our official launch was October 1, 2020. A selection of items from juried Guild members are available. Items can be shipped, and for local buyers, they can also be picked up at the gallery or other arrangements can be made for delivery. Visit

Featured Online Store Artist – Terry Wilson

Terry explores the universe of her garden, from leaves directly pressed into the clay to abstractions inspired by unusual patterns. Leaves have found their way into most of her work, from functional ware to jewelry. Agave leaves become saltshakers and ferns adorn plates. Not everything is botanical though — she also splatters colors onto mugs, carves designs into sponge holders, and adds sparkly bling to heart necklaces. “When I press maidenhair ferns from my garden onto clay, I think of my mother, who had a patch of it in South Texas before I was even born and dug up a clump anytime the family moved. I now have custody of the fern and preserve a frond in each vase, mug or plate in my maidenhair series.”

Visit Terry’s artist page at: Ventura Pottery Online
Terry’s work is also available at:  Terry’s Jewel Box at