August - Terry Wilson

Come see the work of our newest artist Terry Wilson.

“I am an artist in Ventura having worked in a variety of media over the years, usually exploring nature and abstractions drawn from patterns found throughout the plant world.

I work in porcelain and hand build my pieces. I am also a silversmith and lapidary artist.

March 2019 - Karin Mac

German-born ceramic artist Karin Mac made the first of many visits to India with her husband Jatindar Singh Mac in the late

1960s, and has made art inspired by India ever since. In 1980, she immigrated to the United States with her husband

and their three sons. While studying art in Southern California, Karin fell in love with pottery.

The sensuousness of clay and the magic of fire, with its mysterious transformations of the glazes, grip her imagination. Working both with and without a potter’s wheel, Karin often infuses her work with her decades-long relationship with Sikhism. From plates and mugs to stunning vases, platters, Om, Khanda, and Ik Onkar motifs, each of Karin’s pieces elicits a specific mood, articulating both the world view and the intimate observations of the artist. She works out of her home studio in Thousand Oaks, California.

VCPG Gallery currently displays over 34 local

Central Coast artists, including Ojai, Santa Barbara, Agoura and those between. Come browse our large selection of handmade, one-of-kind ceramic art. From functional wares, mugs, bowls, vases, to whimsical ceramic art, sculpture, garden art and mosaic art, our diverse and unique selection of pottery.

January 2019 - Genie Thomsen

Artist Statement


I've been playing with clay as long as I can remember. My mom would bring home projects she was creating and have me embellish them. In my early twenties, I took classes through the Adult Education program in Santa Barbara. I decided to go back to college when I turned thirty where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and continued on to complete my Master of Fine Arts degree. Returning home, I proceeded to produce and sell my ceramic art, selling it at art shows for twenty years. In the meantime, I started teaching, ironically at the Adult Education program where I first took classes and then at Ventura College. Twenty plus years later I am still teaching. In Santa Barbara and now in Simi Valley. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and love of clay. There are so many possibilities of projects one can create and I love to explore them all. As I tell my students, your imagination is your limitation.

With my art pieces I like to explore the relationship between form and negative space, how they intermix to create a whole. Often the negative space is the focal point. The Raku firing process enhances the pieces as the flames travel around the form changing the color of the glaze and enhancing the finished product.

My current work takes on a more whimsical aspect. As I am selling at the VCPG Gallery in the Ventura Harbor, my little tug boats are making a "big splash".