VCPG Jury Process

In order for a member to sell, show or exhibit at a VCPG event, they have to have be a member for at least 6 months and have completed the jury process.   The goal of the jury process, as outlined in our Bylaws, is to assure that all work sold or shown at VCPG's events holds to that same standard of craftsmanship and aesthetic merit established by our founders.

When can my work be Juried: 

Jurying takes place during the VCPG General Members’ meetings held in April and November starting at 6:30pm. To be eligible to have your work juried, you must attend a Pre-Jury Workshop in either February or September.

Pre-Jury Workshop: 

The goal of the Pre-Jury Workshop is to review how Craftsmanship, Aesthetics and Personal Identity apply to your work being juried. The workshop is held on the 4th Monday of February at the Membership Meeting location beginning at 6:30 pm and in September on a date, location and time to be announced in the May Newsletter. 

What our members are saying about the Pre-Jury Workshop

I attended the Pre-jury workshop today and I found it very helpful. It was well organized and efficient. The master potters were very instructive. They pointed out what I was doing well and where I could improve my work. They took the time to answer all my questions, and they even shared some additional ideas and pointers that will definitely help me to be a better potter. As a result of this session, I have a better understanding of the jury process. It was definitely worthwhile. 

 John Grisafe

I talked to several of the attendees of the jury workshop and they indicated that it was a positive experience.   

Genie Thomsen

I  know that the jury process can be stressful and even humiliating but this pre-jury workshop allows our members to be prepared, educated them as to what the VCPG juror needs to see in their work in order to successfully pass jury. 

It also allows our members to decide when they are ready 

to be juried.  

Gayle Swanson

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC