VCPG Team Service Commitment Form

We would love to have every Guild member become involved and support the programs and activities of your Guild regardless of their membership tier.

Part of the requirement for Plus and Patron Plus membership is to serve on at least one Guild Team during the calendar year.  Please thoughtfully consider how you can best support your Guild. This form is designed to help understand your interests, skills and availability. You are encouraged to identify activities that you enjoy doing and sharing.

The information you provide will be shared with your Guild program, event and activity Chairs, Coordinators and Team Leaders. Some of the interests below are areas where we hope to build or expand a service. Moving forward in these area will require leaders to step forward, individuals interested in building depth to services offered in support of your Guild and its members.

Please keep a regular look out for team service opportunities posted in your Guild newsletter, in Guild generated emails and on your Guild’s website This will be your opportunity to sign up for a task that works for you. There will be occasions when there is a match between a member’s skill set and a program or project need; when this happens you may be contacted directly to ask for your help.

Thank you for choosing to support your Guild community with your time and expertise.